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BXS offers a wide variety of organic based soils & mulches. Our blower trucks also carry the capacity to blow clear stone ranging from 1/4 chip to 5/8 aggregate as well as decorative stone


Terraseeding is a unique seeding method where seed is injected into composted organic soil and pneumatically installed as a layer on top of soil.


By using pneumatic application, we can smoothly apply mulch for a professional finish. We carry a wide variety of both organic and naturally died mulches for various applications.

Topsoil & Topdressing

When looking to move and place large quantities of soil without large amounts of labour, using a blower truck will make tough jobs simple.

Green Roofs

With lightweight material our blower truck is capable of placing soil upwards of 10 stories high.

Playground Surfacing

For playground surfacing, we are able install at the end of a construction project and spray the mulch in place.

Erosion Control

Blower Xpress has a number of tools to tackle the toughest erosion control sites.

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